Working with Cindy has been an incredibly impactful part of my health journey. I deal with chronic anxiety and GI challenges and Cindy has helped these challenges balance out in many ways. Cindy is an extremely intuitive practitioner – mindfully treating my needs each session and looking at the bigger picture to ensure optimal success in treatment. Cindy’s knowledge of treating the body in a holistic way is beyond compare to other acupuncturists and other healthcare professionals I’ve worked with in the past. Beyond her expertise, Cindy is insightful, grounded and kind. The entire staff at Eastern Healing Solutions are kind, helpful and great to work with. I strongly recommend Cindy Chamberlain and Eastern Healing Solutions!

Angie Bright
Overland Park, KS


I have known Cindy for many years. She has helped me live a full and active life despite my having many allergies and chemical sensitivities. I consider her to be a very skillful acupuncturist and a blessing in my life.

Liberty, MO


I am a 76 year old retired nurse. A year and a half ago, I developed shingles in my right arm and hand. The searing, debilitating pain and weakness continued despite conventional treatment. My Chiropractor suggested that I see Cindy.

After my treatment with acupuncture and herbs, any pain that I still have is minor and the strength in the muscles is now about 90% of what is was before the shingles.

Cindy is not only a skilled acupuncturist but also a very kind and caring person. If I’m having a bad day, she takes the time to really listen to me. That’s a rare quality.

The office staff is very friendly and they schedule my appointments at times that are convenient for me.

My thanks to all at Eastern Healing Solutions.

Overland Park, KS


My experience with Cindy’s expertise has been life changing for me. When I began treatment at Eastern Healing Solutions, my health had been declining for several years without improvement from various other practitioners. I am now reaping the lasting benefits of acupuncture and herbal medicine and I am consistently and progressively improving in all aspects of my health and internal balance.

One of my goals when beginning treatment was to stop a prescription drug I had been taking for years. That is one of my many goals I have achieved along with my severe fatigue being lifted and my anxiety and tremors are controlled. My body systems feel balanced and the internal heaviness weighing on me has dissipated. I have learned to live a more balanced life through Cindy’s teaching and support.

The office staff has played a role in my return to health with their professionalism and refreshing encouragement.

I feel truly blessed to have the hope for good health restored through people who sincerely care about me.

Lawrence, KS


My visit to Cindy was to tackle GI disturbances and pain. In my mind, decrease the pain to a manageable level. Pain is a deceptive symptom. You don’t realize how it infringes on every aspect of your life until the pain and surrounding symptoms are gone. Though I was extremely skittish to receive the acupuncture treatment, Cindy’s knowledge of the art and science of Eastern healing brought my GI symptoms under control and I am pain free! Wow, I feel great!

Kansas City, Missouri


I first went to see Cindy because I had an ongoing problem with my foot that had led me to use a brace on it for over a year, with no end in sight. However, I was also at a low point physically and emotionally, overweight, depressed, frequent headaches, unable to sleep and with an arthritic condition. I had seen many physicians but could not reverse the downward spiral, it seemed I could only expect more of the same. Fortunately, one of those physicians referred me to Cindy.

Cindy got me out of the leg brace in only 4 sessions. She also reviewed my whole person and suggested a course of treatment involving acupuncture and Chinese herbs. While I am not completely ‘cured’, I have not felt this good in years. My pain has diminished, as has my use of painkillers, I have lost some weight and am on a plan to lose more, my headaches are gone and I can now sleep through the night.

Cindy and her staff are always professional, caring and really listen to my concerns. I am very grateful for their skills and understanding, they have changed my life.

Sheila, Overland Park, KS