10 Reasons How Chinese Herbs May Be Beneficial to You

10 Reasons How Chinese Herbs May Be Beneficial to You by Cindy Chamberlain

If you were to visit an herbal pharmacy, you’d be surprised at the number of herbs and substances used in the process of healing. You’d likely see large jars of raw herbs, roots, flowers, and twigs, as well as containers of powdered concentrates, and bottles of pills. You may find a scale for weighing out the herbs, ceramic pots for boiling, and maybe even a mortar and pestle for grinding the herbs into powder.

While Chinese herbs may feel low tech, the reality is that there’s a lot to like about this healing tradition. Here are some reasons why Chinese herbal medicine may be beneficial to you:

  1. Healing with herbs is an effective branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Herbs are prescribed for a large number of conditions, including respiratory problems, constipation, fevers, digestive issues, insomnia and other sleep problems, menopause symptoms, side effects from cancer treatments, and poor energy. Herbs have been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and they continue to be used today because of their effectiveness.
  2. Being prescribed Chinese herbs is not a cookie cutter process. Your practitioner takes into account your health history, current symptoms, and pattern of imbalance in developing an herbal combination formulated for your specific needs.
  3. When the herbs are formulated and processed by a reputable manufacturing company and prescribed by a trained herbalist, Chinese herbs are safe. Side-effects are minimal, especially when compared to those associated with Western prescription drugs. In theory, if you experience side effects from an herbal formula that you’re taking, it’s likely that you’re taking the wrong herbs. It’s important to note that our role isn’t to prescribe or advise people about their medications. However, we can support those who are looking for an alternative (if and when appropriate) or a way to complement their current medications. Any changes in your medications must be done with the supervision of your prescribing doctor.
  4. Chinese herbs are flexible. This means that your original formula can be fine-tuned as your condition or symptoms change and as you get better. In most cases, herbs are prescribed for a week or two, mostly because your health does tend to change. This allows your practitioner to adjust your formula and make appropriate modifications.
  5. Due to the ability to tweak your formula and the wide selection of available herbs, Chinese herbal medicine can be used to help patients with a wide variety of health conditions. They also may be combined and formulated to treat more than one condition at a time.
  6. Chinese herbal medicine is considered to be a treatment method in its own right. However, in most cases, herbs are prescribed in combination with acupuncture treatments as a way to potentiate the powerful healing effects of both modalities.
  7. While many people think that Chinese herbs, or any herbal medicine, is new age and out there, the fact is that a number of Western medications have been derived from herbs, many of which are Chinese in origin. Some notable examples include willow bark that’s the basis for aspirin, artemesia which is the source of a modern anti-malarial drug, and the herb Senna, which is used as a common laxative.
  8. Herbs are considered to be organic, in that all of the compounds contained in an herb work together in a gentle, yet effective, synergistic way. This means that each compound contained in the herb has a purpose in the healing equation. In contrast, Western medications that have been made from herbs are the extract of only one or two of the most active ingredients contained in the plant. This results in powerful, fast acting medications, but they also often come with powerful side-effects.
  9. Healing with herbs is considered to be slow medicine. This means that your practitioner takes the time to properly diagnose your condition, develop a treatment plan, and it takes some time for the herbs to work effectively. In addition, herbal medicine is slower because it’s formulated to treat the underlying source of your health condition, not just your symptoms. The upshot is that Chinese herbal medicine can take some time to work, which is actually a good thing, because the slow and gentle action of your prescribed formula gets the job done, effectively and without side-effects.
  10. Chinese herbs can be taken in a variety of ways. If you don’t like taking pills, you can drink your herbs as a tea (called a decoction). If the taste of the herbs is a bit much, your formula may be taken in capsules, tablets, and tiny round balls, called tea pills.

Healing with Chinese herbs is effective, gentle and formulated to your specific needs. If you’d like to know more about Chinese herbs or how herbs may help you, please contact us.

10 Reasons How Chinese Herbs May Be Beneficial to You
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10 Reasons How Chinese Herbs May Be Beneficial to You
This article discussed the benefits of chinese herbs and how effective it is in healing process.
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